Rotox 60- Auto incline Motorized treadmill- 2.5HP

It gives you the power and efficiency alike Commercial Treadmills.It has a Power fluctuation bearing system with 6 level absorption system for best possible walk and reduces Joints pain and Care Pin-Joints in the body for lasting stamina. Double Track with extra Springs attached to support the quality of Walk/Jogging. A weight bearing capacity of around 160 KG and a Motor Power of 2.5 HP. It has a Motorized automatic incline 15 % and QC (Quality Check) on every model.
It has a speed range up-to 18Km/h and a running track of W-22inches/L-62inches. 12 General programs including Special Programs options like Fat reducing program. It feature special options: USB Input port, SD card reader, Mp3 input, Headphones input, and Built in Speakers. It has complete foldable and compact design for easy transport and storing facility at home.

Ab King Pro

The Ab King Pro’s amazing design brings you below parallel by as much as 200- degrees adding that extra range of motion to target your upper, middle, lower abs and oblique’s all at the same time for an incredibly efficient workout. With the amazing Ab King Pro you’ll help flatten that stomach and help eliminate love handles in weeks. It is perfect and gives complete support to your head and back while the motion of exercise. The new Ab King Pro folds away for easy storage. After using the Ab King Pro for just thirty days you will definitely notice:

  • Reduced belly fat
  • The appearance of Ab muscle definition
  • Ab King Pro Body Sculpting


Chest Pull

  • Two in one Function Exercise. (Hand Pull plus Chest Pull)Prepare for all before the exercise. According to oneself physical strength adjustment pulling.
  • 4 Strong spring to keep different level of strength.